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My name is Garry and Tosh (MacIntosh) is a part Lab and Border Collie. He seems to be more Border Collie than Lab in his appearance and behavior. A good and very gentle dog, he loves to cuddle and to please, His only trait that I need to change is his barking at strangers and other animals. It is not too bad for the most part but is disturbing in many situations. He, being a border Collie is constantly on guard and insists on warning me of anything he deems to be in the wrong place so it is going to be difficult to break this habit. He is great after first meeting new people and remembers them forever and doesn't bark at them again - unless they have a shady character then he will always bark when they are near. I have seen this behavior as he goes to work with me every day and meets many many new people and for the most part gets along with all of them. The only ones that he has barked at each time he sees them are the very few that have been a problem. So, I listen to him and his character assessment when dealing with people. Tosh is just 16 months old and ha learned many good things. It usually takes just about three tries for him to get the idea and he then insists on practicing until he gets it perfectly. He loves to show his newest trick.


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Welcome to DTA! Yay a border collie mix. ^^ Dogs seem to be very good judges of character...except for the ones who just seem to hate everyone because they haven't been socialized enough of course. :dogwacko: Anywho, welcome to the Academy; I'm sure you'll find it very helpful. :doghappy:


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Welcome Garry and Tosh! I'm sure you'll enjoy this site - I do. I have a herding dog as well and I know how they love to look out for us and announce visitors. Yours sounds like like he's getting the hang of things and as he grows the barking won't be such a problem. See you on the forum!