Hello to all forum members from Kuala Lumpur


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Hello everyone,

I'm Florian, 27 y.o, French nationality but living and working in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia as a French teacher, translator and interpreter.
Before coming here I studied music (cello) in Paris and Also graduated in Teaching and Translation from one of London's universities.

In my childhood i've always been surrounded by dogs. these dogs where very affectionate and loyal, but not obedient as we had no knowledge of dog behaviour patterns and training. We had no concept of the Alpha, the pack, the reward system...Years (and a few books) later I realise that although our dogs were great and we loved them (lots!), they were not obedient and taking the Alpha role because we didn't teach them, did not establish ourselved properly, simply out of an ignorance we couldn't be blamed for at that time.

Many years have passed, and I finally have been able to get a dog of my own as I'm now properly settled in and can provide a good life to a dog.
Under many occasions I had been tempted to go for it but living in appartments, moving out al the time and small budgets, I'm glad I restrained myself to get a dog until I could properly take care of it.

Then came the time where I had to choose a breed. I'm not so much into small dogs with a high pitch bark (and a tendancy to bark a lot) as I had bad experiences with these dogs as a kid (and, ask Freud, these things we don't forget!)
After giving it much thought over a few monts, I decided to get a Doberman. taking into account they're easy to train and as i'm pretty much into physical activities I could deal with their physical needs as well.

I'm now the happy master of Lady, 3 1/2 months old, black and Tan demale doberman.
My objective is to train her well in order to give her a better life (and to make up for the past mistakes made by my family when I was younger!)

Lady has only been with me for 5 days now. She had been trained by the breeded very well so she can potty in the right place and already answers to Sit, Down, Stay and Quiet!Thought it still needs to be enforced.
The breeder had also trained her with Speak but she seems to have forgotten it (or i just don't give the command properly) so i guess I'm gona have to strat from zero again with that.
Been trying very hard to get her to pee in the same place she poos, she did improve (as she does it nearer to the right place than when she first arrived (and did it wherever/whenever she pleased). I wonder if Dogs maybe don't like to do both businesses in the same place? Because her pooing ethics (lol) are very good!

So, I'm just glad I found this forum and hope I can learn a lot from more experience trainers.

Thank you for reading my introduction and see you later in the forum.



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Welcome to the forums, and congrats on the new pup.
Some dogs will go in the same place, others wont. I'd just be happy if she was going outside. :msnhugegrin: