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Hello! My names Marie, I'm 13 and my best friend is Lauren and she's a 3 month old Australian Shepherd! (almost 4) Both Lauren and I love learning tricks and playing fetch!

A little bit about me I'm a freshman in High School and I've lived with dogs all my life! They're my life too haha. I love Agility and Doggy Freestyle. I'm reading up and trying my best so in the future I can become both an Animal Behaviorist and a Dog Trainer. I strongly believe in PR in both better results (For life) and better for the dog ( Most old school training is simply inhumane!) and it's the best way to have a strong/est/ relationship with your dog.

A little bit about Lauren now! The star of the show; Lauren's 3 months old (16 weeks to be exact) she currently knows 13 tricks and never stops,nor wants to stop, learning new ones. She's a ball of energy with loads of lovable attitude and can be a little bit unpredictable haha. She's an infamous counter surfer (Good thing she's still small!). She loves ferrets, especially that rascal Samurai. Her favorite food is chicken jerky and she loooooves frisbees and plushies. But she hates it when her Momma plays her guitar! (..aw, I think I'm pretty good too. Desensitizing anyone? lol )

- Marie and Lauren.


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:welcome: WOW!! You are a natural!! Wow! Sounds like you know what you are doing!! GREAT JOB!!
There is a thread somewhere in "behaviours" on countersurfing....might be further back, was a while ago......

but wow, sounds like you are on the right path!! Keep coming back!!