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My name is Parker and I am a 12 week miniature Australian Shepard. I live in Washington State, and attend puppy kindergarten at www.theluckydogtraining.com. I have not learned any tricks yet. My human (her name is Cynthia) is working out a training plan.


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Well, hello Parker!! Do you type already too, or do you have a human secretary? :p Just wondering, cuz I swear mine use the computer and order toys when I'm at work:eek: so maybe we're on to something here!! Leave it to shepherds of any kind, huh? :ROFLMAO: Just can't leave 'em unattended, they'll find their own jobs...

Welcome to DTA, and I just bet you'll be learning tricks in no time! Have lots of fun!!


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:LOL::p:rolleyes: Hi Jackienmutts,
of course I can type, I know English, I have a library card and I, too use the computer when my human is not looking to order toys. I understand if you would like to communicate with my human I will put her on now, as it is time for my pup nap.
I am so impressed with my puppy he is so smart that I can hardly comprehend just how brilliant he is. Thanks for the fun interaction:ROFLMAO:
Parker's happy human


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Thank you Jukes you sure look like a smart and beautiful doggie, I ll bet you live far away from us so it would be difficult to have a play date HHMMMM? !


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Thanks Parker - my mummy thinks I'm super cute too:love:
Your 100% right - we're ages away:unsure: - so we'll just have to chat online instead:D