Hello... newbie here!


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Hello... I joined a little bit ago, but I've been too busy reading to post :dogtongue2:

My name is Dana, and while I am new to the board, I am not so new to training. . .

I have a Cocker Spaniel, Maddie, who will be 6 on the 5th (sniffles... my baby is growing up!)
and I GSD who is around 5... we got her for a dog pound a couple years ago.
Both have been through basic - advanced ob training classes, and Maddie a clicker training class.. but I have used the clicker with both of them.

Maddie knows a TON of tricks, and I'm always eager to train more. Missy knows more "practical" tricks - for example, I'm working on getting her to turn on/off the lights on command... :dogph34r: lol

Looking forward to being more active in the forum!