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  1. rae134 Active Member

    Hi all!

    A bit about me and my pup :)
    I'll be getting a puppy in 2 weeks time and thought this might be a good forum to visit (y)

    Chilli is a Husky x Belgian Shepard and will be 8 weeks old when I get him (and I'm in love already (having held him when he was a week old and being updated each we on his progress).

    My husband and I haven't had a dog in a long time (and never had one together) so it will be a challenge at first ;)

    Chilli 6 weeks 1 sml.jpg Chilli 6 weeks 2 sml.jpg
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  2. southerngirl Honored Member

    Cuteness overload!!! I can't wait to here more about him.:love:
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  3. 648117 Honored Member


    He is very cute :)
    He will probably be a real challenge being a mix of those two breeds. I bet he has a strong prey drive.

    Good luck (y)
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  4. brody_smom Experienced Member

    Congratulations! Be sure to update us when the blessed event happens!
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  5. kassidybc Experienced Member

    Welcome to DTA! He is ADORABLE!!!!! Be sure to teach him lots of tricks! ;) Also, remember this isn't just a trick forum, we can help you with behavioral issues too (and trust me, puppies have lots of them!! :) )
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  6. rae134 Active Member

    Thanks for the welcome everyone.
    Will definitely keep you updated when we get him and I'm sure we'll need help :)

    We originally went to see his brother (all the puppies looked the same with various white patches except just one male & one female that were black) when they were only a week old and I feel in love with this little ball of fluff when he just snuggled into me. I was so glad that he still did this when I went back to see him at 6 weeks. He was the first one to wander (not race) over to see us and just sat at my foot and licked my hand and was also just happy to wander around the backyard investigating on his own when the others were all play fighting together or jumping up to play with the new people. His mum is REALLY laid back for a Husky so I'm hoping (fingers crossed) he will be too (I'm hoping his prey drive isn't too high as we have a cat but I'm sure she'll sort him out quick when he's small :D).
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  7. Dlilly Honored Member

    I disagree, you can actually use prey drive to your advantage, it isn't always a bad thing. (Like using toys as a reward)

    As long as you build a good relationship with him and give him proper training, he can become a model citizen! Don't feel like you have to teach him all proper obedience now, there is nothing wrong with letting him be a puppy and just teaching him a few simple things. Socialization is the most important thing for him right now!

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask or use the 'search' bar and look through older threads about puppies! =)
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  8. 648117 Honored Member

    I never said it was a bad thing.

    I didn't mean that the prey drive will be a challenge in itself (although it could be). But those breeds def have characteristics that can be challenging. A challenge can be a good thing.
    Never said it was bad :)
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  9. MaryK Honored Member

    Cuteness Overload!!!!!!!!!:love: So lovely he chose you:D Oh puppies can be a challenge but oh so absolutely delightful, they'll always make you laugh, even in those 'naughty' moments.

    Do post all about him with photos or videos, we all love to see the doggies:D
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  10. rae134 Active Member

    The little monster is now home :)

    Was able to take Chilli to puppy school at the Vets on Wednesday and then took him to the Vets for his second shots on Friday and the Nurse said he's grown in 2 days!

    Chilli 8 weeks 1 sml.jpg Chilli 8 weeks 3 sml.jpg Chilli 8 weeks 4 sml.jpg Chilli 8 weeks sml.jpg Chillis new house 1 sml.jpg

    Check out his new outside digs, pretty spoilt hey :) (not that he's out side much :D)
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  11. rae134 Active Member

    OMG sorry the photos are so big!
  12. MaryK Honored Member

    Oh he's just so cute!!!!!!!!!! And sorry Leaf called him a girl in another post! Really, she should be more careful!:rolleyes:
  13. rae134 Active Member

    Hehehe, Chilli knows he's so cute people think he's a girl, he gets it all the time :)
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