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Hi everyone! Someone referred me to this site and after browsing around a bit I have found it very informative and neat trick ideas. I'm really excited to be a part of this group and can't wait to get to know you all and learn some new tricks. :dogsmile:
I live in Colorado. I have 3 dogs. A Border Collie mix that I rescued 6 years ago, Zoe. She is a sweet sweet girl and very active and happy to be a dog.
A mini Doxie, Heidie. She is a lover and loves to cuddle under the blankets any time she can.
Last but not least, a Border Collie pup, Ace. He just turned 1 end of Febuary and he is my heart dog. He is such a joy to train and work with.
I'm active in agility and have done some herding. I'd like to get into doing disc dog training with Ace sometime. And he will be a therapy dog also. Next year, probably.
I stay very busy with my crew and we enjoy having fun together. :dogcool:

Can't wait to search through this site and keep on learning from you all.
Happy Trick Training to all! :dognowink:


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Welcome to the Academy! Always nice to meet a fellow Border Collie owner. Good luck with all of your dogs, and enjoy the site!

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Hi Sarha!!!

Thanks for checking out the Academy! I hope that you and your three dogs find many trick ideas here! :D The Academy was created to motivate people to train their dog and what better way than with training dog tricks!!!!! HeHeHe

But it is still in a constant and never ending construction! :dogsmile: So bear with us if you don't find exactly what you are looking for! :)

Have fun!



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sarhaspups;6304 said:
Thank you for the welcome! Why are you sad?
Oh, just some family things going on. Health troubles with literally about 6 people in my family, and in the last month and a half I've had five family members go in the hospital. (Heartattack, broken hip, hiatal hernia, knee surgery, and checking for cancer.) Just a little stressed is all. Thank you for asking. =)


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Welcome to the academy! Don't forget to get involved in the monthly challenges. I too am a newbie and so far members of the academy have made me feel welcome.


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Welcome, great to see you here. I have only been here for a short time but I have found this site to be tremendously helpful and there are so many nice people here. I hope to see you around the board.