Hello, new dog trainer here.


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Hello all,
I'm 18 and I live in Israel, I recently got interested in training my dogs due to the fact I just finished school and have a 6 months vacation until I get drafted. My dad was a veterinarian and I had contact with dogs and pets my entire life, but only in the latest period I really dug into training and working with my dogs.

I have 3 dogs, a five year old Brown Labrador which is probably mixed with some other species somewhere down the line (she is dominantly a Labrador), a mixed small dog about 2 years old and another mix of Berner Zenenhound and something else we have not been able to determine, who is just short of 4 months old. All female.

I mainly focus on training Una the Berner Zenenhound who is the newest addition to the family. She knows sit, down, come, turn around, hand, highfive, hello and roll over so far after about 2 weeks of training.
Duba the lab knows basic obedience commands (and speak) but she has terrible obesity problems (this is the way we got her at 2 years of age) that I regret I didn't address before, I am currently trying to make her lose some weight before going on to new tricks... she is highly motivated by food but I have a dilemma whenever I teach her something with treats.
Maple the mixed dog is physically the smallest and most submissive, I have yet to find something to motivate her (neither toys nor food will work on her) tho she knows come and sit. we got her at a terrible mental state which she did not fully recover from, she was probably abused at childhood because she lacks confidence and is what I would call over submissive.

I would have pasted pictures here but I am not allowed yet so later you will see them :)

From what I gathered so far this site seems like the perfect place for a fledgling dog trainer like me (only started training the dogs myself about 2 weeks ago), looking forward to share my progress with you guys, hear some tips and participate in discussions.

Thanks a lot!


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Welcome to the DTA!

I think you'll really enjoy the whole training 'game' and have a great time with your dogs. I can't wait to see pictures in the next few days :)