Hello, My Name Is Michelle And I'm In Love With My Dog Chuck


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Hi! I joined this site to get some trick ideas. Chuck is 50/50 dachshund/cocker spaniel. But really he just looks like a miniature black lab. He has learned so many tricks, but we're starting to get bored with them and its time to teach him some more. I really can't find any good tricks on google anymore, so I hoped you guys could help :D

Samantha-May Dunn

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A big welcome from me and Coco. We are also new.:)
How old is Chuck? He looks gorgeous! ;) I am on here to get more training tips and trick sites to be guided to so please feel free to message me with some of the websites or tricks that you have found successful. Feel free to email me on [email protected] (y)

Good luck with future training :D