Hello :) Meet Mia!


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Hello everyone :) My name's Nikki (I'm 15 years old and 'Evie' is my sister) and I've recently got a blue heeler pup; her name is Mia. I've been on the forum previously with my Maltese shihtsu, Jess, but created this new account.
So far Mia knows sit, stay, stand, down, touch, come and leave it - she knows some better than others.
She's extremely playful as she's only 9 weeks and loves adventuring and sniffing around. It took Jess a few days to warm up to Mia but they're great friends now and always play with each other. She tends to bite me a bit, mainly when she is excited, but that has already greatly improved.

Here are some pics of her :)



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That's Evie's giraffe!!!

Your puppy is a thief ;)

Only photo I have of the two monsters in the same room is really blurry - Nikki we should really work on getting a sitting photo of our two girls together :/



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Welcome Nikki! Your puppy is gorgeous and she already knows a lot, well done to you!

It is good that your Jess has accepted her, it took weeks before Zac would go near Gus, for quite a while he wouldn't even go into the same room, and when he did he totally ignored Gus and would have nothing to do with him no matter how much he pestered and begged to play. Then quite suddenly one day Zac decided he would chase Gus but then Gus was terrified and hid under a chair :LOL:. They love playing together now.

What is it with giraffes? Elissa's Chewie has a Mr. Giraffe too!


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Oh she's just GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!! Totally in love:love: LOL love the way she's behaving with the kitty, she needs to whisper in Leaf's ear that cats don't really want to play with boisterous puppies!:oops:

Yes, I too have a Blue Heeler at the other end of the age spectrum. Zeus is a venerable Golden Oldie now, but still loving life, snoring, food and his young sister Leaf. They're fantastic dogs!:love:

And Mia, you didn't pinch Mr. Giraffe, you just borrowed him;)