Hello, just thought i would introduce myself.


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Hi! just thought i would say hello, just joined today. see what this site is all about, see if i can learn anything.
i have two dogs, 1 collie and 1 german shepherd. :dognowink:


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Welcome to the Academy! Surf the forum and consider subscribing to the classroom. Enjoy the site and good luck with your dogs!


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I love and have owned both breeds! Welcome. If you don't see anything that sparks ideas in the classroom you can also ask questions. I get lots of ideas on different ways to do things. Sometimes one way works better than others and having more options makes it easier for me and my two very different dog personalities. Welcome and have fun.


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Hi and welcome to the site.

It really is good fun here and everyone is just so friendly. Let us all know how youre finding it here, and keep training the dogs!