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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by yokoakari, Dec 20, 2007.

  1. yokoakari New Member

    I have just joined this Academy yesterday.
    5 years old and 4 months old papillon is my partner. She loves outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, canueing, and running in parks with me. For these 4 yrs. we have been really into agility and travel around to run in competition.
    One of my agility friends suggested me that practicing and enjoying tricks are a lot of fun and through doing tricks we can make the relationship happier and closer as a partner.
    I and my pap started challenging tricks using a book on it 2 months ago.
    Now, I found this site!! This is what I want! It would be so nice if I can communicate with many people here. Since I am not used to this type of forum thread, I am afraid if this would be all righ or not.

    I live in Tokyo, Japan.
    Train, subway, and bus take us to the parks, riverside fields, mountains, lakes, and agility club field. It is quite helpful for me to get around without a car in this big city with my pap.:msnblushing:

  2. splitz831 New Member

    Welcome! Sounds like you and your pup are well on your way!
  3. cymbals New Member

    your agility club sounds so interesting. Great to meet you !
  4. CollieMan Experienced Member

    Always wanted to visit Tokyo. Welcome to the Dog Trick Academy!

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