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Hello everyone,

I just stumbled across this site while looking for new idea's for some tricks to teach my puppy this evening.

My name is Darrin, and I'm from Michigan. I've got a 5 month old Golden Retriever named Emma. She is a little smart one, so I want to start teaching her some creative tricks.

I've just looked at a few areas here so far, but the forum looks friendly and very helpful.

Hope everyone has a good New Years!
Darrin & Emma


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Welcome Darrin and Emma! Good luck and enjoy the site. Missouri Gal, you're taking to this like I did when I first joined, lol! xD Like a kid in a candy store. If there was a horse site like this we'd be in hog heaven! Hmm, let's see how many other animals we can cover. xD

missouri gal

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YEE-HAW COWGIRL!!! You got it!!!
This is fun--nice to have a bit of "me" time when the kids and dogs are down and out!!