Hello! Happy to get help with my 1st dog.



Hi everyone. I live on a farm in the western suburbs of Philadelphia. My dog, Samantha, is a 10 month old blue-eyed husky mix (vet says German Shepperd, rescue group says beagle) that I got through ARF. She was originally from a kill shelter in VA, brought to PA and placed with a foster family for a couple of months. I'm told that the foster family abused her, so that when I got her at 7 months the damage had been done. She's very fearful of men, a problem since she was a gift for my husband's birthday, and has separation anxiety issues. She's so sweet, but she destroys everything if left alone. She has twice turned over her cage, slipped out the bottom pan and chewed the carpet underneath. We've slowly tried socializing her by taking her to the park or Pet Smart but it makes her very anxious and she gets diarrhea. We also hired BarkBusters which has done nothing at all and was an enormous waste of money. The vet finally prescribed Prozac along with a hypoallergenic diet. Though I am new here, I have already picked up some tips from the videos - more than I ever learned from BarkBusters - and I am so thankful for this site. This is my first dog and I need all the help I can get. :dogblink: