Hello From Vancouver!


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Hey there!

My name is Mary, I'm new to the forum.. Last year I rescued a 5 month old pitbull puppy (since been named Lego) who's owners were about to put her to sleep because of injuries she sustained due to their own carelessness. In the end we amputated her leg and she came home with me.. Since then she's been my best friend and constant source of entertainment with her crazy antics. She's about 15 months now and getting into a ridiculously destructive stage, so I joined the forum to maybe learn some new brain games, tricks and activities that I might use to tire out a young pitbull with endless energy and a ridiculous amount of brain power and speed - despite her missing leg.

Well, that's us in a nutshell :)
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Oh she's beautiful!!!! Well done for rescuing her and paying for someone else's horrible negligence!

Terriers are such a joy! ... when they're tired LOL. I use tricks to tire out my terrier too... no amount of walking tires him out, so brain exercise works wonders. My favorite thing to do to exhaust Oliver is "Free Shaping" where I put an item on the floor and let him offer behaviours towards that item, clicking for behaviours I like and building up to an actual trick... I did a free shaping demo to a dog training class with Oliver yesterday, I used a suitcase on wheels... within 5 clicks he was pushing it, while standing on it with his front paws, something he's never done before. I like letting my dogs teach themselves tricks, and alot of the tricks they know, they've taught themselves.

Here's a video of Oliver doing some tricks, but at the end there's a free shaping session. you can see that I am not guiding him in any way, just clicking for behaviours I like and sitting quietly.

Smart dogs are alot of fun... but they can be very very BAD if not kept entertained and tired :p A 15 minute free shaping session, and Oliver is passed out for 2 hours :p


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Thanks guys! And Sara thanks for the video.. My boyfriend and I were watching it today and it's got me all inspired to really start working with her again. I don't live at home, but due to some family issues I haven't been able to work with her both physically and mentally as much as she needs lately, but I'm now back on track and ready to learn some new tricks! :D

PS.. I just have to post a video in return now.. This is what I call Lego's version of "talking back". She actually makes this noise when she's super excited to see me, or wants what I'm holding haha. Usually she listens much better than this, but I happened to catch her in a particularly excited mood that day :). Also, ignore the foul language.. I'm just a pirate :oops:



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So cute! My dog likes to talk to, more when he is excited or wants something, or sees a dog. She looks like she is the happiest dog in the world.


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Haha oh you have nooo idea.. For Lego, playtime is ALL the time :rolleyes:. If I had just sat there and let her carry on, she'd probably have eaten it... Eventually. When she gets a treat, she tends to throw it around like a crazy person for a good 15 minutes before she finally settles down. You should have seen her the first time she was given a milkbone! She'd never had treats before, so when she finally figured out it was food I'm pretty sure she almost lept out of her skin in excitement! It was hilarious :ROFLMAO:


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Lego is so cute i love her face and adorable "im looking at you" expression ! it's so nice that you took her in and gave her a loving home , mine was also a rescue he was going to be a bait dog she also makes the exact same noises my Staffy Kaos makes and is hyper like him too! they are very very smart dogs which can be both a bad and a good thing and are so lovable , look forward to seeing more of Lego , i love the pitties <3 and good luck with the training , they tend to mellow down after a few years xD ...well sometimes.


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Thank you :) I have the hugest soft spot for the pitties too, they're awesome dogs! And I definitely agree.. Lego is just far too smart for me haha. Everyone warned me about how clever they were and I never thought they were serious until I got her! I'd love to see some pictures of Kaos sometime!