Hello from VA!


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Hi everyone. My name is Brittany and I just wanted to introduce myself and Cookie:smile: I am still trying to figure out my way around the site and all of the features, but so far I find it very informative, interactive, and well organized. I'm pleased to have found this site:great:


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Hi Brittany, and welcome to the Academy!! There's tons of advice and trick ideas all over the site. You shouldn't have any trouble teaching anything--if it's not in the classroom, the library, or around the blogs or lounge, the members are happy to help. ^^

Good luck with Cookie, and enjoy the site!! She's a cutie.


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Welcome to the academy Brittany and Cookie. I think you'll find quite a lot going on here and much fun to be had. Please do post some pics of Cookie, I'd love to see some of your favs. :dogcool: