Hello from the UK!


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Hello! My name is Tasha and I live in the UK with my 7month pup Oka. She is a Northern Inuit x German Shepherd dog.
She is a great girl; cheeky, mischievious, very smart, quite submissive but not fearful. Great with our kids who are 6 1/2 and 4, also with our nephew who is nearly 2.:dogbiggrin:

Oka mastered the basic commands (sit, down, stay) by 10 weeks. I taught her other things that were in a puppy book that i bought (leave, wait, paw). I found that she is a very quick learner and quickly makes connections from things she knows.

She knows many commands/tricks right now - i have a Youtube video here with a few things that she knows: 4 of Oka's tricks.

I'm hoping to find some more idea's for tricks here!:dogsmile:


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Thankyou Jean!
I'll head over there now... Oka is very quick to pick things up BUT she hates practice...she gives me the "but i know how to do this mum!" look....we have several tricks on the go at one time and do our practice in 'rounds' if that makes sense?

She is in season at the mo and we've been doing all sorts of practice to try and tire her out a bit!:doglaugh: