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Hello all!

I'm very excited to have found this website. My boyfriend and I adopted a black Lab (mix?) last Saturday. I have an 11-year-old yellow Labrador that was mostly trained when I adopted her at 7 months. So this new addition to the family is becoming quite challenging!

Look forward to 'chatting' with all of you. :dogbiggrin:


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Welcome to DTA! And I commend you for adopting both your dogs. :doghappy: Good luck with your new dog, and enjoy the site!


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Hello. I'm A New Member. My Pug And I Received Our Registration For Therapy Work Just Today. I Am Looking Forward To Teaching Her Some Tricks We Can Use When We Visit The Hospital.

Look Forward To Hearing From All.



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Hi BJ - Congrats on your pugs acceptance into therapy work! That's a fantastic thing for you to do with your dog. :)

I would suggest tricks that the dog can do with patients - like shaking hands, always a winner. Also things that pose a question... Head shaking, perhaps. ("Do you want a bath?") I ask my Mac, "Is it scary?" and he covers his face with his paw. I have also seen things like, "Where's you tail?" "Where's your foot?"
Mac's "Lick your lips" is a croud pleaser, too!

Hope that gives you some ideas. :D

gravelhighway - My welcome to you is belated as I've already responded to your posts around the site! Welcome anyway. :)