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I have been wanting to be a part of a larger dog training site for some time and I really have been watching this one! It seems so many dog owners are happy with their "learned" dogs as well as puppies. I have 4 dogs now - 3 jack russells that are extremely intellegent and a new dog that I rescued (I wanted a larger dog for protection but I don't want him to be mean) he is part Siberian Husky and part?? I believe he looks to be either rottwiller or lab? But he is all black with a small dot of white coming from his chest. His name is Sabre. Since Huskies are very hard to train I wanted to come to some of the best trainers and go from there when he is a puppy and before I do something silly and have to break him from that habit to go on to the next trick. So I am here to learn alot...:dogrolleyes:


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Welcome to the Academy!! I would recommend checking out the classroom and spending looots of time here in the lounge. Feel free to post any questions in the training forum, and you should get lots of helpful responses! Enjoy the site and good luck with your dogs! :)


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Hi Skydancer, welcome to the academy. Congratulations on your new addition to the family. You have found a great spot for training tips and discussions.

I have a Siberian Husky who is almost 12 years old now. I had a husky mix, Luka, who lived to be almost 15 years old and recently passed away.

In my experience, exercise and lots of it is a key to training huskies. When they were younger mine had lots of energy and really needed a good long run every other day. Unfortunately while they were young, I was working a lot outside the home and did not spend as much time with them as I have with Buddy, my lab. As a result, they had basic manners (sit, down, walk on leash) but not many tricks. However training sessions always seemed to go better once they had run off some of their pent up energy.

Also the furminator really works well on a husky coat.

Good Luck with Sabre!


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I am learning a lot, the people here REEALLY know and understand about dogs!!
Hey, MY new dog is from Tennessee, who knows, our two dogs may be related!!! Ha!!


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Welcome. I very much agree that exercise exercise exercise is the key to happy Husky's and happy owners. More than walks and more than running around the yard this dog if at least 2 years old would be great to train to run with you biking or roller blading or scooterjoring or of course sledding. I am training my Goldens to scooterjor which is mainly a northern breed off season exercise. It's perfect for Husky's b/c they can pull and get a little more satisfied running.

Talk to your vet about safe ages to run dogs on hard surfaces because under (average) two years their bony growth plates aren't finished growing and hard runs could cause future musculoskeletal problems. I would also get good exam for hips and elbows and gradual work up just like for people with lots of water with any exercise program.

Be consistent and do something every day to interact and mentally stimulate this smart smart dog or he'll invent things to do. Generally these doggie inventions aren't nec things humans enjoy like howling, digging, chewing etc. Husky’s don’t generally do well with negative or punishment based training. They are so smart they do very well with positive and/or clicker training. Clickers, you use just to teach new things then you don’t need them any more until there is something new you want to teach.