Hello From Quebec!


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Hi everyone!

Me and my dog Joly are from Quebec, Canada. We are french speakers... but I'll do my best with grammar and spelling. ;) (don't hesitate to correct me, I actually try to improve my English!)

Joly is eight years old. She is a hybrid between a small shnauzer and an other unknown terrier-type dog. She is a well behaved dog and listens us very well (ok... except for the barking and jumping on people... ;p). She already knows how to sit, down, wait, shake hand, roll over and go on her bed.

I never really trained with her since she is my dog (I'm her second owner), but I just realized it could be fun for both of us. And since she is not young anymore... I thought it would keep her mind keener.

I already know about clicker because I have two parrots and used this training method with them. I've started with Joly a few days ago and she responds well. :)

I'me glad I discovered this interresing website and forum. There is lots of good informations and tips. Can't wait to discover more. :) Thanks Jean and the rest of the team!



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Welcome! You did very well with you're english post! LOL Much, MUCH better than I could do with French :) There is another member here that speaks french, from France. I'm in Alberta. You've certainly come to the right place! I'd love to see a video on clicker training your parrots!


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Thanks Jean and Sara!
Sara, sorry, I'm not very good with videos (and don't have a camera yet). But anyway, I don't clicker train my parrots anymore. :oops: They are not very disciplined. They prefer to fly and kiss my nose than learn tricks.
For my English, I read novels and watch movies and Tv series in English. It helped a lot. :)