Hello from Oreo and I


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Oreo is a cocker spaniel, and about 2 years old, he loves to play. He is currently taking his 2nd intermediate class at petsmart, although he did pass the first one. I would like to get him into agility at sometime down the road.


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:welcome: Glad you found this website! Sounds like you are doing really well with training your dog!! Bet you will like it here!! I know i do!!:msnohyes:


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Hey, golffor1! So glad you're on here! Oreo is adorable. :msncool:

I'm sure you'll enjoy perusing this site - there are so many fun tricks and great people/pups here! Be sure the check out the Challenges! They can be a lot of fun to follow, even if you can't participate. Not sure when the next one will be, but keep your eyes peeled for a post from Jean!

Once again, welcome!! :msnohyes: