Hello from Ohio


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My name is Janice and my new love is Harley. Harley is a 6 month old male yourkie standard. Harley gets lots of attention from everyone that we pass because of his size and very cute floppy ears. Harley is now about 11 pounds and still growing.
He is very quick to learn and loves to do his tricks. He now knows to sit, down, stay, no, roll over, jump. He also stops and sits before we cross the street. and is getting very good at fetch, and shakes my hand. This week we are working on bang. I am having trouble teaching him to alert me when it is time to go pee pee. he understands the command when we are outside, but I cannot get him to alert me when it is time to go to the door. any one got any advice for me.:doghappy:


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Welcome to DTA! :)
I'm not really good with teaching a dog to be houseclean, since I have never taught my dog this (adopted her when she was 1,5 years old, and she was already houseclean), so I can't help you much... :(