Hello From Norway :)


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Finally, I found a good website about dogtricks! :)

I'm a girl from Norway, soon to be 25 years of age and living right outside a small town called "Rakkestad". Here I live with my boyfriend and our three Border Collies.

Here is an introduction of our girls:


"Nusse", was our first BC and she came to us in August 2010. She was already one year old, and hadn't really experienced anything in life. A friend of mine "saved" her, and asked us if we would like to take care of her. This dog is full of love, but extremely sensitive - and it makes her a little hard to train. Nowadays we train obedience and are starting up with agility in the spring, to boost her confidence :)


This beautiful, little girl is actually "Nusse's" sister. Again, my friend "saved" the dogs from living to long in a barn(The litter was a so called "accident"), and we were happy to take care of her. "Foxy" is my hope for doing it really well in obedience or agility competitions. Living the first 8 weeks of her life in a barn doesn't seem to bother her to much. She is curious about everything this life and is the most social of our three dogs :)


"Zoku" is Bjørn's (my boyfriend) dog. This is his first pup, and I'm not sure if he realised how hard it is :p Togheter, I hope they will do really good in obedience. She is not related to our two other dogs, but she sure is beautiful :D

Well, that was everything for now. I hope we can start training some cool tricks soon :)


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Thank you for the nice comments about my pics :)

I used to have a rottweiler who was awesome when it came to tricks, but I had to put him down in January.
I'm working on teaching "Nusse" to jump on my back, spin and zigzag through my legs.

The thing with her, is that she doesn't have a lot of confidence and is a little afraid of trying. If she doesn't get it, she just "shuts down". I always have to break every trick into tiny, tiny pieces, but once she understands, she is amazing to work with :)

The pups are just learning basics like sit, down, stand, targets and backing up. Other than that, they are doing what pups do best: Chew on everything!


I liked your dog which i have watched from your shared snaps and i want to buy the same type of dog as early as possible.


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nice to meet you Heidi....... your dogs are all just beautiful! Love the photos of them.

Jean Cote

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I'm working on teaching "Nusse" to jump on my back, spin and zigzag through my legs.
I made a lesson a while ago for this. I'm currently renovating the classroom so that particular page doesn't look that great but in a week or two the video will be twice the size. LOL

I never got around to part 2, which was to teach it while walking... Sorry.


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I am so glad you discovered the dog trick academy! The neat thing about tricks is, the more you train a dog the smarter they get and the faster they learn. I am currently working with an extremely intelligent and fast learning rescued dog named Victor. He wasn’t always like that though. When I first started working with him he was a finicky eater and not at all toy motivated. When he felt like working for food he was so focused on the food that it was hard to phase it out. It took a lot of work but once he figured out that he could do something to earn food (whether or not he could see the food) he started picking up new tricks quickly. Overtime he became more food motivated and eventually he became extremely toy motivated.
He also is a sensitive dog with a lot of fear issues. He has come a long way in the last year and a half that I have been working with him though! I hope the same holds true for your Nusse. It sounds like you are working hard to improve her confidence!