Hello From Minnesota!

karen m

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My name is Karen and I have three dogs. Zeke a Pomeranian, Kylie a Sheltie and Dolly who is also a Sheltie and is all but 9 weeks old. I am excited about finding this forum and looking forward to learning new dog tricks and tips.



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Welcome your dogs are beautiful.
I love pomeranians, me and my mom want one so bad.
I hope you stick around.Feel free to jump in on threads.
You'll probably find the Puppy forum very helpful with Dolly.


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Welcome to the DTA! Shelties are such wonderful little dogs. One of my favourites, for sure!


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Welcome to D.T.A.:) Your three doggies are absolutely beautiful:D Please join in, any questions just post a thread, you're sure to get loads of help.


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Hello from a fellow newbie :)

Your dogs are sweet. My mum used to show Shelties, such sweethearts and I must say your Pom is striking (never seen that colouring before)