Hello from Michigan.


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Hello! My name is Katie. I am from Michigan. I have 2 dogs, a Doberman, and a mini mutt.

Gracie (Doberman) just turned 4 years old and is a huge baby.
Thumper (mini mutt) is almost a year old. He is well different.

Gracie was my very first dog, and I am so in love with dogs now. I want to become a dog trainer, so I am working towards that.

Jean Cote

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Hi katie!

:welcome: to the academy!

Two dobermans huh, my husky grew up playing with a doberman, she gave him a really good run!!! hehehe

Ah good stuff on becoming a dog trainer, hope this website helps a little, I am no expert, it's just stuff I've learned and done with my own dogs! :)