Hello from me and the Top Barks gang.


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Hi my name is Mark and I am owned and trained by Three english cocker spaniels looking rather soggy below after one of our country jaunts.

They are all rescues and all very different.
I run my own part time training business and I am a member of the APDT. I love to clicker train my own boys to do all sorts of wacky stuff.

This is Bayley

Oliver and Douglas

I look forward to chatting and exchanging ideas with you guys.


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Hello and a ?

Hi Mark- Great to meet you and the pooches :) Do you do any field training and/or bird hunting with your spaniels? I have a vizsla who has started pointing EVERYTHING (geese flying overhead,someone coming to the door, his favorite toys when thrown...), and I was wondering whether there might be some things i can do with him indoors to start prepping him for the field (he's 16 weeks old, and it's 10 degrees below zero this weekend where I live!)

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!!!!


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