Hello from me and the Top Barks gang.

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  1. topbarks New Member

    Hi my name is Mark and I am owned and trained by Three english cocker spaniels looking rather soggy below after one of our country jaunts.

    They are all rescues and all very different.
    I run my own part time training business and I am a member of the APDT. I love to clicker train my own boys to do all sorts of wacky stuff.

    This is Bayley

    Oliver and Douglas

    I look forward to chatting and exchanging ideas with you guys.

  2. lurchergirl New Member

    Hi Mark, great to see you here! Always love to see pictures of your doglets too. Vera
  3. marieke New Member

    Welcome Mark and gang!
  4. topbarks New Member

    Thanks for the link Vera
  5. topbarks New Member

    Very nice to meet you
  6. bsmom New Member

    Hello and a ?

    Hi Mark- Great to meet you and the pooches :) Do you do any field training and/or bird hunting with your spaniels? I have a vizsla who has started pointing EVERYTHING (geese flying overhead,someone coming to the door, his favorite toys when thrown...), and I was wondering whether there might be some things i can do with him indoors to start prepping him for the field (he's 16 weeks old, and it's 10 degrees below zero this weekend where I live!)

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated!!!!


    Baccio's mom

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