Hello from Kathie, Megs and Dodge


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Joined today as I have a problematic, dominant Jack Russell Terrier.
She came to us about 3 months ago, she is 6 years old and had been quite overindulged even though she was an "outside" dog. She also suffers from a bit of separation anxiety.
My other dog is a mellow Rotti cross (ex refuge dog) who is submissive in nature who has been with me for 3 years now.
My house has 2 dog doors and now Megs has run of the house, to the point that she guards the door so poor Dodge cant come inside sometimes. She is smart enough to drag a rug through the dog door to jam it so it cant be pushed open from the outside.Effectively locking him out.
She doesn't "play nice" so on the rare occasions that they play together, she gets overexcited and snaps at him and then he wimps out and finds a quiet place to sit.
She's a yapper which drives my housemate nuts. She is adorable and I love her to bits but her bad behavior is now rubbing off on Dodge and he is beginning to become an attention seeker; jumping up and batting you with his paw. Where previously he was such a good boy.
I take them for runs every day. And I have a big yard.
Hoping this site and its members will be able to help me moderate her behavior. Cheers.


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Clearly the JRT is an einstein.. I am sure the runs are good for her... Has she any training? Might she like doing some agility or trick tasks? My fella has learned to look at me ALL the time.. and with the flick of a finger I can get him into a sit by me, or a "peekaboo" between my legs as I stand, or a down and over... all this without a word, so it only minorly distracts the person I am standing talking to.

They ARE a handful!

Good luck...