hello from england



Hi There,

My dog, Molly is 6mths old, collie/malamute cross.

She seems to have the brightness of a collie, but can also display the stubborness of a malamute and can be quite head strong!

She has already learnt:

heel - although still not perfect in open spaces off the leash.
come - she can be brilliant at this some days, but other days if she catches the scent of a rabbit or sees another human being (every human is a possible friend for Molly!) she sometimes ignores me and decides that it is more fun to chase/say hello.
gimme 5,
bang (play dead)
spin - her favourite show off trick!

And tonight she has just learnt the speak signal/command, of which she is very pleased with herself.
I have just read how to teach the shy/shame on you trick with the sticky tape so that will be my mission for next week!
She has boundless energy and I am kinda hoping she will calm down in a year or so. Like I said she is very bright but so playful!!
Great website!

Jean Cote

Staff member
Hehe, welcome aboard! Use that playfulness as much as you can and get her to do tricks and stuff. This is the best time to teach it!!! :dogsmile: