Hello from DFW


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Hi, I'm in Dallas / Fort Worth in Texas (previously from Toronto, Canada / Sydney, Australia / London, England among other places). I'm a dog trainer, and I have 3 dogs who live with me, all rescues - Coffee, a blond shepherd who is working through fear issues; Xena, a rottie/shepherd mix with a possible history as a guard dog who still needs work on her interpersonal and interdog skills; and Libby, a lab/sharpei/terrier/who-knows-what mix who is a brilliant dog and assists me in the training business.

I have never really focussed on tricks, but many people ask about them, and I think they may be of help to my 2 problem dogs (Coffee and Xena, The Kray Twins). I believe strongly that the training process is really helpful in building the relationship between person and dog.

So I look forward to learning a whole lot!!!:dogcool:


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Welcome fellow Texan dog trainer! You're a saint, working with more than 1 dog with issues at once is a loooot of work.
There are definitely looooots of ideas for tricks here. ^^ Good luck, and enjoy!