Hello from CR!


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Hey there!

It's been a few days I came across this awesome site and so far, I've been lurking, checking out your awesome videos etc... I guess, it's time for me to introduce myself and get in touch with some of you :dogsmile:
I'm 20 years old, studying english and social sciences at university. I'm from Czech Republic - central Europe. I love going out, reading, watching movies, having fun with friends etc. I've always been into animals. I've been riding on horses for nine years, working with dogs for 6 years - but well, i started real training with my own dog this year. Getting him was my dream. I wanted to have a dog since I was little, but parents wouldn't let me - now I'm kind of thankful, because I can imagine how hard it'd be w/o any experiences and if I was too young and not that responsible- but finally I convinced them that I'll take care of doggie and they agreed. I chose shetland sheepdog, because it's little, beautiful, very smart and loyal dog. Or that's what I heard :msngiggle: People say shelties tend to bark too much, are reserved with strange people, but my pup... hahaha. Couldn't be less right. He's so friendly with everyone... I swear, he's even happier to welcome stranger than me. Damn, attention seeker :dogdry::doglaugh: He's also very brave - in a way, he's being rather protective and self-confident than being scared and running away. Overall, he's dreamy. He loves learning new tricks and loves being admired, lol. He's 8 months old now, growing into pretty dog. We train with clicker and he seems to get everything so quickly. It's impressive. We also go to obedience classes, but it's nothing serious - it's more like a club where people meet and do obedience together. But it's good, because we have new friends and Ajsí (that's my pup's name) can play with same-aged dogs. We also started agility and we both really enjoy it. Tho, we only had like 5 lessons, so it's too soon to make an opinion on that one. :dogwink:

So I suppose it's all for now. Will be happy to meet y'all. PS: Sorry for my english, not being native - I make many mistakes. :msnblushing:

my pup


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Cute pup. ^^ Lol, I feel like you were describing me, at least in part---been riding horses for 10+ years, training for 6, and training dogs for 8+ at least...but I've lived with animals all my life; fortunately my dad's an animal lover. ^^ And also 20 years old and a college student.
Welcome! There are definitely plenty of ideas for new tricks around here. Your english is great; don't worry about it. :)
If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the lounge---I see you've already posted some; I'm off to read them. ^^
Enjoy the site, and good luck!!


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Thanks a lot for warm welcome. It's great to meet you. I've noticed that you're probably the only one who keeps this forum alive. Kudos to you, it looks like a great site. It'd be a pity if it was shut down for no activity. :dogwink:
I'm happy to hear we have quite a lot things in common. :dogsmile: I don't have time for horse riding anymore, but it was beautiful part of my childhood and puberty. I always loved animals, but unfortunately never got an opportunity to have my own. But now I'm all happy to have my pup. He's so awesome. My parents both love animals, too but I guess they're not SO into them. They adore my puppy, but I think if it was their decision we wouldn't have him. They seem to think it's too much responsibility etc etc. Tho, they were right to stop me from getting a dog when I was about 10 years old. I know I wouldn't be able to take care of dog properly back then.
Heh. See, you're a student,too. What you're studying? And what dogs do u have? Border collies? Is that right? :dogsmile:
See ya around! And thanks for your reply.


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Oh I so know how you feel. It's been hard month for me, horrible week and after Christmas my exams start. :dogsad: I'm so busy lately, it's too bad. But fortunately, I have still enough time for pup. I mean, not that much as I'd like to, but I think we're both doing fine. Tomorrow we have such a meeting with dogs and friends from training center we're members of. We should play some games and enjoy our last 'fun' lesson before holidays. I kinda look forward to that :dogsmile: Still school sucks, I feel ya.
Wow, it sounds so great. You know, that's just what I was thinking the other day :msngiggle: I was thinking about what I would really like to do as my job and I thought - damn, working with dogs and maybe writing about it would be awesome! :msnohyes: Tho, I'm studying english and social sciences, so it's not exactly fitting. :doglaugh:
Your dogs look great. I love BCs, only it's a pity that there's too many of them and people buy them thinking "oh those are the smartest the most obedient dogs" and they don't see all the time and training behind it.
It's great that you want to keep this place for others. When I discovered this site, I was looking for some tricks I could teach my dog, but I'm happy to see that we can learn a lot of things over here. :dogbiggrin:
Oh thanks for reply in another topic - I've read that and if you forgive me, I'll reply that one tomorrow. I'm way too tired, had a busy day. But thanks a lot for that. I'll tell you more about our progress and stuff in that threat later. :dogwink:

Collies are great, aren't they... :msnohyes: What dog do u have now?