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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by pixi3, Sep 10, 2011.

  1. pixi3 New Member

    Found this site while searching for tog tricks. My 15 week old, Harley, is a lab/pit mix. I got him two days ago and he already knew sit, stay, lay down, leave it, shake and roll over. Roll over still needs a little more work. Lol. He is a sweet pup and really smart. He is so gentle with the 1 year old and great with the other kids and so far seems dog friendly. I want to see how much he can learn and how many tricks he can master.

  2. pixi3 New Member

    Thanks Jukes. I think its the fluffy ears that had everyone at pet smart last night asking to pet him. He loved the attention. I will check out those sections thanks for the tip. You have a beautitiful dog and he looks like loads of energy and personality. Hope to see you around. :)
  3. Jukes Well-Known Member

    Hehe - I can see him mopping up all the attention - so cute

    yep you guessed it my dog (Jukes) has a ton of energy and a ton of brains - that's why I came here originally - I'd ran out of ideas and he was only just over a year old!!!
  4. pixi3 New Member

    Do you use him in competitions or does he just do tricks for fun?
  5. Jukes Well-Known Member

    Well I started teaching him tricks for fun especially those that were useful (find the keys) but now we do some rally obidience and a bit of freestyle (dancing) where the tricks are used for competitions and I have to teach him new tricks especially for the competition. But really it's all for a bit of fun - plus it tires him out - always a bonus in my book:D
  6. sara Moderator

    Awe you're pup is adorable! He's got something other than Lab and Pibble if he has fluffy ears, possibly Golden Retreiver? Whatever he is, he's absolutely adorable, and you'll have a great time with your smart little guy!
  7. pixi3 New Member

    Thank you. I have been wondering if he was mixed with somwthing else. Didn't get him from the original owners. The people I had got him from had addopted Harley and his sister but didn't have the time for the. His sishter has short smooth hair with more of a pit look. She was blondish in color but ther head was long like Harleys. I keep thinking he has to have something else in him. Whatever he is, he has a love and so very smart. :)

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