Hello from beautiful Bluewater, North Queensland


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Hi All
I have just discovered this most interesting site, and couldn't help myself. Had to join!
We live in Bluewater (which is approximately 30km north of Townsville) on a 20 acre property, where we have a small hobby farm with about 100 Bowen mango trees.

Our house is now 'ruled' by our beautiful 10 month old red Staffordshire Bull Terrier girl named Coco. She happens to be the love of my life, and I seriously think she's the best dog ever!
We've been to puppy school, and have completed obedience 1, after having failed it the first time (only because she is distracted by other dogs and wants to play with them all the time).

I've managed to teach Coco the basics, but would love to try her with a few new tricks. So far she can come, stay, drop, stand, roll over, hi 5, shake, and crawl. We're not really interested in doing structured classes of any particular sort with her, just a bit of fun stuff. And that's where this site will come in handy.

I'm sure I'll be bragging about all the cool new tricks she will be doing in the near future.



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Welcone to you and Coco. I think you'll find a lot of great ideas here and a lot of fun. I loved Staff's, not much cuter than a Staffie doing some cool tricks. She'll be the center of attenion.