Hello from another newbie


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Hi there -

I have a new pooch in the house - pretty smart. Just hoping to train myself in how to help him to learn some new things.


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You have come to the right place. Check out the lessons and jump right in! You will find several ways to get involved and have fun with your pooch.


Welcome! Glad to have you and your pooch join us. Don't forget to check out the gallery where you can post pictures of you and your pooch if you want. We l-o-v-e pictures!


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You found a great site that will definately help you. Definately check out the lessons in the classroom. Start at the begining I would advise not skipping any because they all are very important. Also there are monthly challenges that are alot of fun and keep you really energized and focused on training.

Hope to see you around DTA and see some pictures.