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  1. phecht New Member


    I have just joined Dog Tricks Academy and look forward to meeting some people through this forum that share my love for dogs.

    I have two Papillons, Dapper, 9 years old retired CDX Rally Novice. Dapper is a Phalene, the drop ear variety of the erect ear Papillon. Yes, both ear carriage, the drop ear Phalene and the erect ear Papillon, both called Papillons, by AKC, can be shown in the same AKC breed ring but Phalenes are rare in the United states.

    I started training Dapper, at age 10 weeks using the clicker only to teach all exercises through Utility and by four months he could do all the exercises, except the jumps were only about 2 inches high, at that young age. I don't jump a dog full height, until they are a year old.

    Demi, is my three year old Papillon, in training for Novice OB and Rally.

    I have been pet obedience training in classes, with all my dogs, since 1957, yes I am OLD! I started showing in AKC obedience trials, with my two Poms about 16 year ago. One Pom got her CDX, my first competitive dog and my second Pom, got her UD!!! She earned this title in 9 shows and was the thrill of my life!

    So now live alone with my two darling Papillons and do a lot of just for fun, clicker shaping with them and they both love to have a clicker fun training session, on something new. Dapper is very good at clicker training and never stops till he gets it right. Demi has vacations of the mind sometimes, while in a clicker training session, LOL. She is adorable and only 4 pounds. Demi is in training for Novice OB and Rally, at this time and almost ready to show in Novice OB and in Novice Rally, if I can prevent her from visiting everyone watching her run, including the judge and stewards, that is. She is the friendliest dog I have ever known and loves everyone.

    I did fill out a profile and will download pictures of My Papillons, when I figure out how to do it.

    So look forward to meeting some new dog lover people and learning some new tricks and talking about my favorite subject, dogs!!

    Patti H.

  2. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Welcome to the Academy!!

    Lol, funny that you mention your social butterfly Demi...my Border Collie is much the same in trick competitions. I once actually had to let her meet the judges before she would perform her tricks at her best. She loves to visit the audience. :) Now she's much better but has to visit when she's done.

    Sounds like you and your Papillons are busy!! They(and you) would probably really enjoy our monthly challenges. Feel free to check them out. Enjoy the site, and welcome!! :)

    Oh, and to upload pics just click on the 5th icon from the left in the menu--then click on upload.
  3. Jean Cote Administrator

    Hi Patti! I've seen the pictures of your dogs, they are gorgeous! :) I like Papillons, they are small and fluffy.
  4. phecht New Member

    Hi Jean

    Thank you. I just love Papillons! Now I have a question. How do I get a picture of one of my dogs next to my posts, like you and others have done?

    Patti H.:msniwonder:
  5. Jean Cote Administrator

    You mean as an avatar?

    Click on 'USER CP' in the navigation bar, then click on 'Edit Avatar'.

    Then scroll down to the bottom of the page, and you will see 'Custom Avatar', browse to the proper picture and click submit.

    You will need to resize your avatar to 80px by 80px. If you can't do this PM me and I will resize the picture for you. :)
  6. phecht New Member

    Hi Jean

    Thanks for the information, now to see if I was successful. grin.

    Patti H.
  7. phecht New Member

    Social Butterfiles

    Hi Tx Cowgirl, I think I did the Aator of Demi, my social Butterfly. We shall see. If the Boston Strangler came in, she would give him Butterfly kisses, grin.

    Patti H.
  8. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Lol, perfect example of her breed name. :doghappy:
  9. snooks Experienced Member

    What wonderful dogs you have. Welcome to the forum. Be sure and check out the mothly challenges. Loads of tricks and fun. The past tricks are a lot of fun and bonding for you dog.

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