Hello Fellow Dog Tricksters


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Hi, my name is Lee and my dog's name is Lucy. She is 1/2 jack russell and 1/2 West Highland Terrier. She is 4 years old and I've had her since she was a pup. We're interested in canine freestyle but I'm mainly just interested in bonding with my dog and learning the way she thinks! I think I missed my calling as I'm hugely interested in animal behavior. Lucy has learned only by positive reinforcement. We started with the clicker from pretty much day one and her main motivation is definately food, although I believe she enjoys playing our silly games even without the food. So far she heels forward and back, circles around forward and backwards, bows, spins, begs, hides her eyes, turns and reverses through my legs, jumps in my arms, walks backwards, jumps on my back, puts away her toys, picks up laundry, takes off my coat and socks, fetches, finds her toys by name, crawls, touches left and right paw, high 5s, rolls over, weaves, I'm probably forgetting a few. She is extremely smart and learns things very quickly.