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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by juliexox, Jun 23, 2012.

  1. juliexox New Member

    Hey Guys Im Julie from Scotland i live with my fiance and our 9 week old baby Charlie, this week coming were expecting the newest arrival too our family who is Misty our bitch GSD some people think were crazy getting a puppie with our son charlie just born but we think its actually a really great idea as charlie and misty will grow up together. My partner's family background has always revolved around GSD's although ive never had one i have had an American Akita and Jonsons Bulldog so i am familiar with big dogs anyway im on here thismorning researching training and obediance for gsd wish me luck:) xx
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  2. sara Moderator

    Welcome to the DTA!

    You will be a very busy lady :) but hopefully everything runs smooth and you have a BLAST with your new puppy! (and your new baby LOL) Good luck!
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  3. Dogster Honored Member

    Welcome!!!! Congrats on the puppy and the baby!!!!:) Yes, you will be very busy!!! GOOD LUCK!!!! And we would LOVE to see pics of your puppy when you get her!!!!
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  4. juliexox New Member

    Thanks guys yip itll be all busy here but worth it in the end im sure when i get Misty ill get some pics uploaded xx
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  5. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Congrats on the new human baby :ROFLMAO: and as you see from my pic to the left - big huge congrats on your newest little one about to arrive!! :love: (Ok, this is a dog forum, so I guess it's ok if I act like GSDs puppies throw me over the moon, right?) :LOL:

    That's gonna be a huge ton of work - a newborn and ... well ... a newborn ... but it can be done. And your puppy will grow up being a protector, friend, guardian, .... and best thing your family could ever ask for. (Yeah, love me some German Shepherds, what can I say -- and I've had all kinds of dogs).

    You've come to the right place for training guidance. May I throw out one bit of unasked for advice here? This site is all about positive reinforcement. I don't know what you or your husband's training background is - but may I urge you to please only use positive reinforcement with your new GSD puppy? Your GSD will grow up to be a very strong breed and a very independent thinker. If treated and trained kindly, that dog will guard you with it's life and love. As GSDs have always been bred and thought of as "rough and strong" breed, many people (trainers included) think they can treat them harsher than lots of other breeds or dogs "cuz they can take it". Yes, they'll take it - but they shouldn't have to. I have two, both rescues, both trained with a clicker and positive reinforcement - and both are fabulous.

    Can't wait to see pics, I'll be waiting anxiously!!! :love:
  6. bekah1001 Honored Member

  7. dogcrazy Experienced Member

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  8. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    WELCOME!! CONGRATS ON THE TWO NEW BABIES arriving into your life! Wow and wow, yes, you will be one busy family there! but what fun! but wow, will YOU sleep like a rock at night!:ROFLMAO:

    I am huge GSD fan, too, what a magnificent breed, i just love them. I hope to have one someday.

    Yes, i loved Jackie's post, be sure to read that one twice!:LOL: Maybe you already ARE on the "positive only" train but if you aren't---IF IF IF it's a new idea to you,----- feel so so free to ask questions, any question!

    CAN'T WAIT TO SEE PICTURES!!! What a great story, hope you do stick around and post a lot, it will be fun to see the puppy growing up, month by month!! We are here for you when you need help!!
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  9. southerngirl Honored Member

    Welcome, I would love to see pictures of the puppy and pics of the baby! I love both they are so cute:love:
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  10. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    You know, i thought of this thread, the other day, when i was around some toddlers and kids and their new pup, :rolleyes::oops::censored: cuz, i thought, one advantage YOU, Julie, will have,
    is that while your puppy is small and fragile,
    your baby will be too small to hurt the puppy:) for many many months,
    and by then, by the time your human baby IS mobile enough to chase the dog around,
    by then the puppy will be a bit a stronger and more durable and more able to move away if toddler is getting too rough.

    it's a plus for your puppy, imo, that your baby is so small while the puppy is so fragile.
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  11. Evie Experienced Member


    I love that you're enthusiastic about having your baby grow up with a GSD. It's awesome. They really will be best buddies, but oh my, so much work for you in the short term! HAVE FUN and enjoy the forum :)
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  12. Caiti Experienced Member

    Welcome to the DTA! Congratulations on your new baby and puppy, you will surely have your hands full! The DTA is a wonderful little community and you should be able to find loads of helpful advice here. Please, feel free to ask questions as many members here are knowledgeable dog trainers and a few have experience with your breed.
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  13. juliexox New Member

    Hey Guys xx

    Wow Thank you for all the replies was great logging on this morning too read them had a busy week this passed week with Charlie and Misty keeping me on my toes i love it thou. so this is my first chance too log on.
    Hey Jackie nice dogs :D i actually dont have any experince training GSDs but i do have Akitas i just treated them like an addition too the family and set them some boundries they turned out pretty good dogs so i guess i was doing it right somewhere my mum always used to say too me there is no such thing as a bad dog its a bad owner which is so true and your so right yeah they can take it but defos shouldnt have too.
    Hi Tiger yea i can remember with my oldest son Ryan whos 6 he used to chase my Akita Debo around the armchair it was amusing too watch as once debo got bored he would give ryan a small nudge and hed plant his bum on the floor this would happen 2 3 times a day so your right the age is great by the time charlie is 1 and running around Misty will be a bigger girl and theyll both be used too each other by then to, In saying that i think theyre doing pretty well at the moment Misty just lies under Charlies chair most of the day such pic inc.
    Thanks for all your responses guys seems a really nice community here xx misty and charlie.jpg misty.jpg
  14. jackienmutts Honored Member

    :love: :love: :love: Your little baby girl Misty is just beautiful!! Kiss those little cheeks for me!! :love::) And now, I'll say it .... ok, I'm in puppy love ... :love::love::love: ...... sigh ...... Kiss that little face for me, too!!!! :LOL:
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  15. juliexox New Member

    Hey Jackie did you go too your nosework trail or is that this Sunday? Ohh thats exciting if its still too come then very best of luck with it (y)
  16. jackienmutts Honored Member

    How did you know about that?? :) I actually volunteered at a 3 day trial (well, trials went over a 3 day period, it wasn't all one trial) a couple weeks ago, and we have a trial coming up on Sat 7/21 that we're really training hard for! I'm kind of nervous, trying not to be - but all we can do is train hard, then go out and have fun and do the best we can. And most importanly, I've gotta trust my dog. Thanks for the well-wishes - I'll keep everyone posted.
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  17. jackienmutts Honored Member

    DUH! (slapping own head) :confused::ROFLMAO: My own page was so far behind (like, a year) I had forgotten I'd posted that (about the nosework trial - a year or so ago). :LOL:
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  18. Dogster Honored Member

    Awwwww!!!!!:love::love::love: OMD, Baby and puppy are sooo cute!!!!!!:D:love: Looks like they're already buddies!!!!;)
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  19. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    SQUEAL!! LOVE THE PICS!! TOOOOooo adorable, BOTH babies!! THANKS for posting, my brain just got a cuuute overload there!!:ROFLMAO:

    //"there is no such thing as a bad dog its a bad owner"//
    I know this is what is said, by everyone,
    but, i disagree. My dog is not "bad", but, he IS dog-aggressive,
    and i would rate myself as a good dog owner. I know of several other dog-aggressive dogs, and some extremely shy dogs,
    who are owned by members of DTA, who i can tell even by years of reading their postings, they are also good dog owners, doing allllllllllll they can to help reduce their dogs issue, and help their dog become his best possible self, and learning how to manage the dog's world well, and provide the best life possible for their dogs. Good dog owners, all.

    Every dog-aggressive dog ever put into a MRI scanner,
    and every shy, human-aggressive dog ever put into a MRI scanner,
    both had visible anomalies on their brains, and abnormal neurochemistry in their blood.
    but yeah, if a dog has a behavioral issue, for it's entire life,
    it's the human's fault.
    we are all told this so often, it becomes a meme, and it almost seems "true" doesn't it!!
    but researchers, geneticists, and veterinary geneticists alllll over the globe, disagree.

    Prior to scanning the brains of autistic or schizophrenic humans, their parents were also told, for centuries, the child was just "raised wrong". :oops: cuz, you can not tell at birth, if a human will grow up to manifest autism or schizophrenia,
    so, since it shows up later---------> it MUST BE something to do with how the child is raised....
    It was like this for dogs,:oops: too, til they were put in scanners.

    Still, even common sense should cause us to have at least questioned the meme....
    Tons of abused dogs, stand there, loving everyone and every dog.
    Tons of dogs raised very well, even alongside other dogs who turned out "normal", yet, turned out to be exxxxtremely shy, or began to manifest dog-aggression at about age 9 months old..against all odds.

    but yeah, these dogs "were just raised wrong......just a bad human":rolleyes: ...sure, suuuuure.
    I completely believe we can make both the shy dogs,
    and the d.a. dogs better :D or worse,:cry:
    but, we humans can not 'create' one, nor can we 100% "cure" a neurobiological disorder, either.

    sorry for derail, but, i am on mini-quest :ROFLMAO: to help educate ppl about dogs with issues, and to help support those humans who DO love either a dog-aggressive dog,
    or an extremely shy dog. (it's two different disorders, btw). Sadly, many owners of such dogs also believe the meme, "....if a dog has an issue, you are a bad human" thing, too,:notworthy:
    and blame themselves....struggling to determine what egregious error they made, that for next 15 years their dog is "off" for life.....was it the time i yanked his leash?
    was it the time i stepped on his foot? was it the time Uncle Fred bellowed too loud at that party i had? What WAS it i did so wrong, that all my other dogs grew up fine, but THIS dog is "off"???
    and they all blame themselves.........

    so i am one-human mouthpiece :ROFLMAO: trying to alleviate even 1% of them with mental anguish felt by these humans about their dogs with issues, in case any of them hit upon this here thread.

    that said, congrats again on BOTH adorable, prescious babies!! Enjoy this time of your life, and take tons of photos!! And try to steal a nap whenever you can!!;)
    and please do post tons of photos!! We can never have too many photos of this pair of cuties!!
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  20. juliexox New Member

    Hey Guys xx

    Yip Jackie i seen it on your post its really great news about the nosework id love too get misty doing stuff like that in a few years its all about the trust and we have a long way too go for building that realtionship so maybe in a year or so as its really good too keep theyre brain simulated also so good luck with that keep me posted and ill have my hopes up for you guys.
    Jackie can i just ask your advice on something with Misty on her hind lege the vet spotted these "dew claws"? ive read loads on the net since yesterdays vet and people are saying they need too be removed theyll cause problems others are saying as long as i keep the nail trimmed itll be fine and no need too remove so im really unsure what too do, any advice you may have would be appricated x

    Tiger Thanks for the reply a really intresting post, i myself suffer from a condition called bipolar which is also a neurological disorder influencing mood and ive got really great parents had a happy upbringing but was diagnosed with Bipolar when i was 17 years old which is noones fault just a chemical imbalance in my brain and with proper meds keeps me doing just fine.
    Also with my previous other 2 dogs Debo and Tia both american Akita's my boy Debo i got him from a early age he was brought up in the house with me and my sisters as kids was absoutly great had no "human aggressive" issues but wasnt very keen on other male dogs at all no matter how many time's we took him too Socialization classes. Our girl Tia we got from a rescue Debo accepted her and they got on great Tia was a loving dog very friendly but disliked people out with the family home as she had a rough time of it from her background and i guess thats where my mum got the saying not a bad dog just a bad owner as Tia was great with us but very nervous and aggressive too others. so yeah your totally right in what your saying but the abusers out there who mistreat animals personally i think need a right good slap as they cause alot of behavioural problems in a animals life.

    Thanks for all the posts guys ill keep the pics coming xxx;)

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