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    I'm Roxie from the Philippines. At present, I have a dachshund and a labrador. I have been around dogs since I was young. I love dogs and so does my family. I think they are the kindest creatures and they can really light up your mood especially when you are coming home from a heavy day at the office. My children are into dogs too. And at this point, they are old enough to be working on some tricks with our dogs so that's what we will be working on. Hope I can learn much from this forum. Cheers!(y)
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  2. Jean Cote Administrator

    Hi! Glad to have you on the site =)
  3. dukey_boy Well-Known Member

    Hello Roxie and welcome to DTA! Do you have any pictures of your dogs that you'd like to share? Do they know any tricks yet?
  4. running_dog Honored Member

    Hi Roxie,
    Welcome to DTA! I find my dogs are great for de-stressing me too.
    A dachshund and a labrador :) it sounds like you could do some great 2 dog tricks with those.
    Do you train using positive reinforcement? Have you tried using a clicker?

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