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    Hi everyone,
    Name's Anna, the dog is Delta, and she's a 16-mo mid-size tan dog, originally from the Congo but now resident in Scotland. Joined to learn some new stuff to do together and also to keep her mind busy while she's on enforced rest after a dog v. bicycle incident which the bicycle won. So we've got a week of strict no running/jumping/climbing trees and that's not going to be easy...

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  3. DeltaDog New Member

    Thanks for the welcome and for the suggestions. I haven't done clicker training but use a marker word instead - I know it's slower but I'm just not very coordinated :D This week we are working on 'high-five' and differentiation from 'shake'. I'm also trying to get 'heel' which I trained very sloppily when she was little and have never really sorted out. I've been watching some of the videos on this site and am v impressed ...
  4. Jukes Well-Known Member

    Enjoy your training - it should be great fun for both of you and of course an ideal time to sort through any rushed training when she was a puppy.
    I hope she's feeling better soon and you can get back to your normal busy lifestyle, hopefully with no more bicycle encouters:p

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