Hello Everyone!


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Hello Everyone! I stumbled across this website while looking for new games and tricks to teach my dog, Zeke (or Zookes as most call him). I am so excited to join the group, and learn as much as I can!

Zeke isn't the brightest of mutts, he tends to be 70lbs of strong-headedness, but loves his training sessions. He was involved in a car accident a while back and had a rough recovery... Thankfully he is much better now, but unfortunately has lost a lot of his obedience training and tricks over the down time. Probably just as much to do with me babying him as it was to do with his bedrest. So my behaviourist (called in to help with the resulting timidness outside) has told me to start beefing up his 'fun' training as well. This site looks perfect! As of right now he knows "Shame", "Paw" ("Other Paw" and "Same Paw" in any order), "High Five", "High Ten", "Around", "Sit Pretty", "Stand" and "Wait/Okay" (for treats placed on his nose, head, back etc). He lost quite a few classics such as "Roll Over" and "Bang/Play Dead" while he was recovering.

As for myself, I am a single mom of a beautiful baby girl, (She's going to be 6 months soon!) I am in Teacher's College and have loved animals and training since before I can remember.

I hope to talk to you all soon!