Hello Everyone!!


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Hi Everyone!

My name is Rebecca. I'm 23 years old, and live with my boyfriend of three years and our beautiful- yet troublesome- 15 week old puppy, Lady. I'm a part-time dog trainer with just a mere year and a half under my belt.

I guess that's all... If any one has questions feel free to ask. If anyone has answers to our excessive barking and biting puppy, help would be amazing!

I look forward to meeting new people and learning new things.


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Hiya, I have a young pup too, she's 8 weeks old. She's getting barky and bitey when we play and she gets a bit carried away. I'm going for the timeout option of calmly putting her in the kitchen (where she's safe, but not in her crate) for a couple of minutes to calm down. I carry her in calmly without shouting so she doesn't see it as a place of punishment. She then comes out and we play some more. She comes out calmer, and I reward her calmness with fuss and play, but if she starts to get rough again she goes back in. We've only been doing this a couple of days, but I think she's getting the message that good girls get to play!

What breed is Lady? Welcome to the site (I've only just joined too)

Take care
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We don't do time-outs, though that's something we will try. We usually ignore her for a few seconds until she quiet and then we start to play again. Same thing if she nips us during play.

Lady is a dachshund and today she's four months old. She's lost three teeth too. ^_____^