Hello Everybody!


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I found this site a while ago and have only now gotten around to becoming a member. Don't know why I waited so long--this place is great!

My fam and I currently own Alphie, a 1yr 9 mos old Australian Labradoodle. He's highly energetic and way too smart, so I'm constantly having to think up new things to teach him. So far he knows sit, lie down, stand, stay (in any of those positions), come, heel, walk slower ("steady"), walk faster ("let's go"), spin, roll over, speak, jump (over something), walk backwards, stand high, shake, high five, say your prayers, stick 'em up, bang bang, crawl, wave, walk through my legs, let's dance, bow, walk around me in circles, beg, which hand, grab, bring it, drop it, fetch. He can also find things/people.


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Wow - very clever dog - and verd dedicated trainer;)
He looks absolutely adorable - I just love the curly chocolate coat:love:

Well welcome to the forum as a member - I hope you continue to find it useful


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Welcome! Your dog is adorable! I hope you continue to get alot of useful info on this site!