Hello everybody!


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Hello, my name is Tash and i just joined today.
I have a 4mnth old cattledog cross bull terrior, her name is seshla.
Already she is very smart for her age, doing many tricks such as, shake hands, jump and circle.
I joined this forum to broaden and intensify my knowledge of not only training, but connecting with your individual pet and other owners alike.
Please feel free to say hello, give me a tip or two on training, whatever floats your boat :)
i look foward to hearing from others in this community.

p,s. if anyone has any help on toilet training, i need it! seshla seems to go on the grass, but if its raining she refuses to go outside, repetitive sequences of taking her out in the rain just arent working, can anyone help please? thanks :)

kinda regards, tasha :) and little seshla! :dogbiggrin:

seshla, bundy, rukus, moo, cheech, tricky & runt
couple of days old

seshla - 3wks

seshlas dad - tripper, 11mnths (blue heeler x bull terrior x bull arab)

seshlas mum - jess, 2yrs (blue heeler x red heeler)

cheech and seshla (brother and sister) 3.5mnths

seshla - 4mnths


i hate mondays

My dog goes crazy on mondays. School is boring. And there is no time to relax! WHY??? What do i do wrong to get mondays? EWWW tell me if you actually LIKE mondays!

(don't take this personally!):dogtongue2:



Why are people so mean to pitbulls? They are the most sweetest things on earth! They attack because people train them to be vicious! WHY???:msncry: Can't we be nice to them like every other dog on earth??? They didn't do anything wrong!!!:dogsad: Please support Tia Maria Torres and go onto her website! Type in your searc box: Villalobos Rescue Center NOW!!! :dogsad:


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Hi Tash...My name is Tasha too!!

Your puppy is soo cute!! My pup is called Oka she's in my pic ^^ with my daughter. I'll have a think about you toileting issue - didn't have much issue with Oka's toileting, but she's doesn't like the rain too much either.