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Hi! I'm Kym, 20, from Yeovil, UK, I have a 8 month old lab/spaniel/alsation/basset puppy (yeah lots of different breeds in there) He's mostly just lab though, big basset ears, digs up the garden like spaniel, and I'm quite glad to say that he doesn't seem to have any charactaristics of alsations, don't get me wrong, I like alsations, I'm just glad I don't have one. So anyway, my puppy is called Alfie, but goes by many different nicknames and responds to all of them. He's very intelligent, which I think is mostly due to the fact that he's a mutt. As it stands I have already taught Alf these commands, sit, stay, speak, lay down, roll-over, high-five, paw, other paw, leave it, go on then ( which means he can take his treat/toy ) and come. Like I said, he's very bright, but I've run out of things I can think of to teach him, we're currently working on beg and dance, but he's got over-excited during training sessions recently and he tends to jump up at me and bite me. Little monster! Me and Alfalfa love a nice long walk and a good play, just like all dogs and their owners should! If you have any recommendtions for tricks for me and my Alfred to learn, please feel free to offer your suggestions!

Well I believe I have waffled on enough for now.
Thanks for reading :)

Kym & Alfie

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Hello Kym, welcome to the Dog Trick Academy! How about weaving in and out of your legs? You can view the classroom lesson, it's really a nice trick and when you get experienced with it you can do it walking or get the dog to do it backwards through your legs. ;)


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Ahhhh that sounds cool :D Alfie loves learning new things ( mostly because of the treats!) :) Think I'll give that ago, Thanks for your suggestion! :)


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Welcome! Alfie/Alfalfa/Alfred/Alf (Boy does your pup have alot of nick names LOL) sounds like a fantastic guy! I have several mutts too, and love 'em... but I have a couple of purebreds too, and love them! all of mine are rescues. Have funwith this site!


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Ahhh the brains is probably the German Shepherd/Alsation bit :LOL:

he sounds like great fun. Have you tried /touch/ thats a useful starting point for many other tricks.


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Ahh that's just the start of his nicknames! :)
Yeah it probably is the Alsastion in him that makes him smart, I'll try the touch command, I also want to try and get him dancing when he's a bit older :)


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Hi and welcome to DTA! I'll second the Germ Shep/Alsation brain part :p - heehee. I have 2 rescue Germ Sheps. My boy (the one sitting) is also named Alfie - so I love your dog's name - altho I think yours has way more nicknames than mine. :)

Weaving is really fun, it's fun to do, and it's fun to show off to others - and how about spinning to the right, then spinning to the left? And mine are now learing to pick things up off the floor (such as, when I drop them) and hand them to me *when I ask* (as opposed to pick up things they shouldn't have and run off with them ;)). Mine also close cupboards and drawers when asked (hcy, gotta give 'em chores).

You'll get loads of great suggestions - have fun!!