Hello All!


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Hi everyone! I'm SO excited to have stumbled on this site! I'm the fairly new "Mom" of a now 16 week old Vizsla puppy named Baccio, and have frantically been teaching him every trick I can think of- he LOVES learning new things, and it has done WONDERS for keeping him out of trouble! We've mastered come, sit, stay, down, off, leave it, crawl, hide and seek, shake, high 5, give mommy kisses, roll over, go under, go over, go around, in your crate, and we're working on moonwalk- but I'm totally out of ideas!- I can't wait to start watching all the lessons on the site and getting tips from all of you :)

I look forward to chatting with you all,

"Baccio's Mom"


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Great job! You'll probably really like the monthly challenges - this month people are training their dogs to retrieve an item such as a TV remote from a distance of 2 meters or more, and submitting videos to show others... then a winner will be announced :)


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great to meet you- thanks for the reply!

That does sound like fun!

I think my husband might have a STROKE if he saw me ENCOURAGING the dog to put his mouth on the remote ;) but I have been trying to teach Baccio the names of a few of his favorite toys ("Chewy", "ball", etc). I'm very new to the "dog world"; what kind of capacity for vocabulary does my little buddy have?

:) "Baccio's Mom"