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I thought that i would stop in and say hello. This is my first time on the message board. I just got a 7 week old pit bull puppy. Im sure that i wil get all kind of negitive responces on that... Any who. I will be posting pictures of my little girl later.


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I'd be willing to bet you don't get many negative responses from this place. It's not for anyone here to condemn or condone your particular choice of breed. Deed not breed, as they say.

Welcome to the DTA. Enjoy your pup and your training!

missouri gal

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Pit Puppy!!

Oh, Bryan.....You know that dogs are only as good as their owners!!!:dogtongue2:

Pits, Rotts, Dobies, many more all get bad raps from the undisciplined ones who have owners who think it is "cool" to raise them to be naughty!

You have a great resource, here!! Use it to both you and your little girl's advantage!! Wish I'd found this site long ago!!:dogsmile: I used to be only able to read books...now I can read the computer!!:doglaugh:

I work at a vet clinic where Pitts are always welcome!! We love them all!!:msnohyes:

Have Fun!!! This site is wonderful!!

Looking Forward to pics of your girl!!:dogwink:


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thanks guys i have had her for two days. potty training is going good as to be expected. I have already trained her to sit and lay down for the most part. we are slowly getting there......


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Welcome to the site, Bryan! I'm an owner of a Rottie mix that probably has some pit in him. Love him to death. ^^ I've been working on his dog aggression for a while now, and he's almost perfect now. I take full responsibility of that though...I didn't socialize him near enough. :dogdry: My fault completely, nothing to do with his mix of breeds. No negative response here! Have fun with your pit, and good luck! :doghappy: