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//"There are some situations that I have a hard time dealing with, to put that kind of responsibility on a child is not right."//

i so so agree, kids with 'dogs with issues' are bad combo! Many of us adults can barely manage such dogs, let alone possibly endanger a child....mmmMmm.

//"Cesar is totally WRONG!!!!!!!!!"//
I am so high-fiving you right now!:ROFLMAO:

Yeah, my guy is learning from me, too,;) but, i find HIM much much harder to 'train' than Buddy is!:ROFLMAO: He is very devoted to Buddy, just as crazy nutz about Buddy as i am, but he is not great dog trainer, :rolleyes: but, his heart is in right place, and he is great at entertaining Buddy!:LOL: We actually take "shifts" with Buddy, to help Bud spend all his energy, my guy is daytimes, i am late afternoons/evenings (and our dog stays up late...:rolleyes: )


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and yeah, about the dog/child combo, in the second or so i had to prepare for what could have been one ugly scene, i realized "there's nothing i can do to stop this"
"i will grab the child and put the child out of harm's way, and THEN lose a few of my fingers trying to separate the fighting dogs"
but, luckily Buddy loved that dog, on sight, just adored that dog-----despite the fact i was probably shaking. Buddy has his OWN ideas on things.

Buddy rather loves rude "in your face" types of dogs:rolleyes: , dogs with no manners at all,
dogs that other dogs do NOT like, well,
Bud loves 'em.:love:
I joke that maybe Buddy and these other unpopular dogs all speak with same accent? lol.
who knows. There's a few other types of dogs that Buddy gets on with, but, rude dogs are one of Buddy's "types" he likes.:ROFLMAO:

also, it turned out, the large dog barreling towards us,
was not only a rude dog,
but a young female dog,
adding to the sheer luck of the moment, cuz Bud is wayyyyyyy more likely to accept young female dogs.
To this day, if we pass that dog's house, Buddy always stops walking, and sits in that dog's front yard, whining, hoping to catch a glimpse of this dog. I have to drag Bud away if the dog is not home, he adores that dog...
Often the owner of the dog sees Buddy coming down the street and lets her dog out and the 2 dogs play for a while. She doesn't believe me when i tell her Buddy usually doesn't like dogs, she says "Oh, that's not true! Buddy is so sweeet!":ROFLMAO:
Humans who meet Buddy also do not believe that Buddy could possibly be a dog-aggressive dog, also admiring how sweeeeeeet Buddy is...:love:

Most ppl do not understand that a da dog can be both SWEET AS PIE
a dog-aggressive dog...

sheer LUCK that it all worked out that day...whew, eh?