Lauren Ripley

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well i have two dogs.
my dog is ollie.. he is a black and white border collie. he is 4 months old now :3
then we have sasha who is 7 months old and a german shepard

i know this is my first post but i wanted some help.. lead training.
ollie is such a hyper puppy that when he sees a car he has to follow it. and wont listen to me. also i found this out today.. but i went past some people and omg.. he was howling and everything!
i think sash has something to do with it as she does it to. and ollie only started to do it scince we got sasha a month ago


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Welcome! So, you have Ollie, a baby dog, and another puppy, too? lol, i bet you DO have your hands full! I bet they are too cute!
so, by lead training, do you mean leash walking? is that it?
and your baby dog is showing signs he wants to chase after cars, is that right?
and i'm not sure, your one dog howls when he sees people, is that what you said?