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Discussion in 'Dog Health' started by alcastive, May 28, 2011.

  1. alcastive Well-Known Member

    Hello Everyone,

    This weekend i took Sasha to the veto and gave her vaccinations (anti-plus too) i am going to keep her on my terrace this summer during the day instead of keeping her in my room, so i'm gonna buy her a comfortable outdoor dog house made of wood, anyway i was worried that the heat might get her problems the summer heat here is between 37 and 40 degree (42 maximum) so it's very hot in summer and i am worried about my dog to get any kind of allergy. I just want her to be happy on that terrace specially it's near the garden and there are trees near around i will also put her toys next to her.

    What do you suggest ?

  2. Dodge Well-Known Member

    Hmmmm,does she like water? How about a paddling pool,so she can go cool of in it whenever she likes?
    And maybe a cover (like a marquee,not sure if spelling is right) to keep her doggy house in the shade,cause it must get awefully hot in there in the sun :) sorry,no other ideas in the moment,will have a think (y)
  3. alcastive Well-Known Member

    Yeah the water pool idea is great, but sasha is afraid of water (that how she looks when i give her a bath) so i doubt that she will be swimming lol, if only i can find a way how to make her love water and swim in it maybe throwing treats in the water ? I donno.
  4. Dodge Well-Known Member

    I know what you mean,Dodge cant stand getting wet,but I ve taken him to the beach and to a lake with some friends and other doggie friends, we just made it fun with throwing sticks and toys in the water,which made him go in the water bit by bit a little deeper,wow and his whole body apart from his face was in water,got a pic of him in a lake,trying to get back out rather quickly,but he did go in without being forced:LOL:

    Sooo,make it fun and she may just enjoy cooling down when the oportunity is there (y)
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  5. Ina Well-Known Member

    Have a look at the video fly made:

    You might want to try with a clicker and see how far you get your dog to accept water?
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  6. alcastive Well-Known Member

    @ Ina i will make sure she learns how to paddle in water, wouldn't be that big deal i think when i have treats in my hands and tell her what i want :)

    @ Doge thanks for the idea i will take Sasha to a beach (i'm sure it will be her first time as the last owner was keeping her all time inside the house) she will watch me swim and maybe swim with me
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  7. running_dog Honored Member

    I'd make sure the kennel is painted white (to reflect the light/heat) or shaded as Dodge suggests.
    I like the paddling pool idea, if all else fails you could start with it empty and put treats (or her dinner) in for her to get and then add maybe a cm of water (and treats/dinner), and then a tiny bit more (and more food)... maybe make sure the water is ambient temperature before the treats go in, I don't think she'd like the shock of cold water.
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  8. reveuse Well-Known Member

    maybe a special cooling mat or collar ..... I don't know who makes the collars but i've seen one on a victorian bulldog I know.......

    I think icool or something like that makes a pet mat....... I remember seeing one online...... I think maybe it was at Trixie & Peanut?!?!
  9. alcastive Well-Known Member

    Thanks reveuse, i will google it and then check my local pet stores.

    Btw i got her a new dog house :) she'll love it.

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