Has your dog ever encountered a skunk??

Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by Jean Cote, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. Jean Cote Administrator

    Just wanted to see where you all stand on this one. I'm so glad I never had this happen to my dogs!

  2. l_l_a New Member

    He saw it and was heading towards it, he was off leash too, but we recalled him away from it and walked in the other direction. So yes he saw a skunk, but from a distance. (another good reason to work on training coming when called!)

    I've encountered baby skunks way up close. I was running alone along a trail and these two tiny skunks were standing right there, they looked like cats. They were very cute. I stopped to observe them. They looked at me, I looked at them, then they just casually walked away and I went my own way.
  3. szecsuani Experienced Member

    We don't have skunks where I live.
    But I bet she would run aways if she saw one...
  4. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    We have some skunks here, but luckily no problems with them.
  5. storm22 Experienced Member

    we dont have skunks in nz do they really stink really bad?
  6. luna may New Member

    We don't have skunks either :dogblush:
    Frankly, if they wouldn't spray me, I'd like to see one... They look quite cuddly in photographs :doghappy:.
    (Oooh, I can just imagine myself running through the flowers, picking up a cute little skunk pup with shining chibi eyes, hearing you guys yelling the classic "NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO........" in the distance... Me and my wild imagination :D)
  7. marieke New Member

    We don't have them either, I cannot imagine the smell they produce. Must be really bad.
  8. dakotamom421 New Member

    My dogs have never seen a skunk, but the dog at the barn that i teach riding lessons at gets skunked at least once a week in the spring and summer you can smell him comming from any where, and one time he chased one into the loft above the tack room and got sprayed there no one could go into the barn for a couple of days, the smell was so bad that we had to take all of the horses out until the smell went away.:dogblink:
  9. Jean Cote Administrator

    Wow. I thought there would be more people that did. :) I guess we all take good care of our dogs. Hehe
  10. katiehenry Guest

    I live in Oklahoma and skunks are all over. And they are huge. Eli and Julie were both sprayed on that fatefull night. Eli, trying to be the man of the house, was attempting to fight off what he thought was just another dog. And, I am assuming, he thought he stood a good chance, even though this skunk was just about his size.
    Julie (almost twice Eli's size), was keeping a safe distance from the brawl. Unfortunatly, a skunk doesn't care how big or strong a dog is. So Eli caught the first wave square in the face. And Julie caught the tail end of that on the nose. Needless to say, they both ran for the house and began furiously rubbing themselves on whatever was in sight. Couch, carpet, laundry, bed....it was a mad house for about 15 minutes. In the end Eli's eyes were swollen shut from the spray and was whining like crazy because of it. And Julie who had gotten it in her mouth and nose was walking around trying to lick anything to get the taste out. After a couple of weeks the smell finally wore off of them, but the interior of my house took about a month. Even with cleaning, and by the way tomatoe juice doesn't work on dogs...
  11. lorina Experienced Member

    wow that sounds nasty. Glad we don't have skunks where I am...
  12. yoyopoodle Well-Known Member

    When I read the title of this thread the answer that popped into my mind was "Thank God, no!"... didn't realize that was an answer!

    I used to have nightmares about skunks... we had a big albino one living under our shed (10' from the house), and a medium sized black/white one under our front porch for years. When I got Charlie, he was a young large dog with high prey drive and TONS of hair (show Poodle, so going up to 12" in parts) - and not supposed to wear a leash as that wrecks/mats the hair. Yikes! :dogblink:

    I consider myself very lucky... a regular bath took 45 minutes in the tub and another 3-4 hours to dry, every two weeks.
  13. bipa New Member

    ok guys, don't laugh but I miss skunks, and chipmunks, racoons, and even squirrels! Well, we do have squirrels here but they are puny, timid little muddy coloured things that would die of shame in North America. Nothing like the large silver-gray, dark brown almost black, and red squirrels with great bushy tails that I was used to seeing scampering in my back yard in Toronto.

    I remember having a litter of skunks way at the back of my yard one spring, and they were the cutest little things! They'd come out and play just like kittens, and the mother wasn't at all anxious as long as we stayed up on our terrace, watching. Course, no pets were allowed in the yard for a few months while the family was growing up, but it was really something to watch them. Then they just disappeard during the summer and never came back. But the next year we had a pair of foxes making a den in the neighbour's rose garden back of his house, so perhaps the foxes scared the skunk away. Pretty impressive considering we were right in the city, albeit Etobicoke and not downtown.

    Bah! Now I'm homesick.... for skunks?! :dogblink:
  14. l_l_a New Member

    hehe who would have thought you would be missing skunks!

    ya aren't the baby skunks so cute? They look like cats.

    raccoons - we've had some pretty aggressive raccoons around here who will come up to you demanding you give them food. once I was walking back to my car and I was surrounded by a family of raccoons because I was carrying a paper bag with my leftover lunch in it. they followed me all the way to my car, I had to scare them off so as to not accidentally run over them when driving away. And this was in an urban area too!!
  15. luna may New Member

    Why do all your countrys have wildlife roaming free, and all I my country's got is ally cats? Oh, the injustice in the world! :dogsad:
    Seriously, I loved the squirrels in Canada so much... I miss them here too, Bipa ;).
    Well, all you who have animals around you, be aware that you are extremely lucky! Enjoy them to the max! :dogsmile:
  16. sunshineunicorn New Member

    Bailey hasnt encountered a skunk....yet. We have tons of skunks in Canada. I used to have a Pomeranian and he ran after a skunk in the yard, anyway he got sprayed and came running through the house and right up into bed with my oldest daughter.
    We tried tomato juice, sprite, lemon juice and the smell wouldnt come out. Even 6 months later when he was out in the rain you could smell it. The smell was so bad I couldnt sleep that night, I thought I was going to be sick.
  17. ramboconrad New Member

    My Irish Wolfhound, Gwenhyvar, and my Mnt. Fiest, Sassy, have both been sprayed. I HATE the smell of skunk! It takes forever for the smell to get off the dog and out of the house. Fournetly they both learned their lesson and have had no other encounters. I also tried the tomotoe juice, it doesn't work.
  18. l_l_a New Member

    I always wondered about the tomato juice, I think it's an old wives' tale but since my dog hasn't been sprayed I've not had the chance to actually try it!

    I've seen special "de-skunking" shampoos at the petstore, did you use those by any chance? I've always been curious about them.
  19. sunshineunicorn New Member

    I have seen the shampoo in the stores too, but I never tried it. I probably should have now that I think of it though.

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