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  1. Amateur Experienced Member

    I would like to try a harness for my Border. Any recommendations on which type best fits a skinny active 1 year old.

    I hear some rub too much and some we have tried just dont seem to fit skinny.

    I think it was Mewzard who posted a site in the UK that had a different type if Harness I cant seem to find it again - do you remember which site that was ?

  2. sara Moderator

  3. Amateur Experienced Member

    Thankyou so much ... yes I wanted a front clip or side clip for the pulling

    Do you find any problem with rubbing in their " armpits " as I think the Gentle leader harness has that prob

    ooooh I seem to have found the answer to that in your other link ! Thanks again
  4. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    I always worry about harnesses rubbing their armpits, too. I have one, i *think* it's called "hug-a-dog" harness, which is fine, i only use it for walks, though, not on all day, just for walks. It's front hook.

    The kind that are currently on tv ads, and it shows a mesh-net harness, look nice on tv, but, i've never tried one, but these seem to have very wide armhole areas:
    https://www.comfydogharness.com/index.html?linkid=12915&source=adwords&custom=as seen on TV dog harness

    //"Do you find any problem with rubbing in their " armpits " as I think the Gentle leader harness has that prob"//
    I thought "Gentle Leader" is a HEAD halter, not a chest harness, but maybe they also sell chest harnesses.
  5. Amateur Experienced Member

    That first harness isnt a side or front latch so I dont think it will work for me
    yeah the gentle leader is the head thingy I just wrote the wrong name - meant easy walk

    but hey they do have a Harness that doesnt even go around the legs - looks interesting !

  6. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    wow, you must mean the "Gentle LeaderĀ® Ultimate Canine Harness"? wow, that is really different looking!
    No idea how that might feel to the dog, might be great, who knows? or, the belt on the belly might feel weird, who knows?
    btw, i tend to always read reviews on most things prior to buying one. I google the product name, + the word "reviews" and look around. If i read the same thing a whole bunch of times, i give that remark consideration.
    so you may want to google "gentle leader ultimate canine harness reviews"
    and see if you can find anything, watching for remarks on consumer type websites that you hear over and over.
  7. Amateur Experienced Member

    yes I do that too
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  8. fickla Experienced Member

    If you're looking for a normal harness, I LOVE my comfortflex sport harness from cleanrun.com as it doesn't restrict dog's motion in any way. Even has a handle that I used when I was teaching some exercises and wanted to restrain my dog to build drive.

    But if you want a nonpulling harness, the best reviews I've heard have all been for the Freedom Harness, but I've never tried it.
  9. Amateur Experienced Member

    Hey Mewzard the freedom harness even it even has a chewing warranty ;)
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  10. mewzard Experienced Member

    HAHAHA....chewing insurance!! I have found the "perfect fit" actually doesn't gape so she can't get her mouth in to chew it!
    I would worry that the one that doesn't go round the legs would spin if the dog pulled to the side.
    The Perfect fit harness has been great for Oka, she is calmer in it and much easier to hold on to if she pulls. It worked well on our foster Boxer also.
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